Invest into Renewable Energy and Cleantech Projects

We are a company of people who partner with others to invest into renewable energy and cleantech, facilitating the development, build, implementation and operation of a sustainable robust power generation infrastructure.

Why would you invest with HGEN Capital on a Renewable Energy Utility Scale Project?

    • We provide from 60% to 100% of equity and/or debt funding with attractive IRR and remove majority project risk with a wrap around comprehensive package arranged through TIER 1 insurance companies including Lloyds of London. We offer a no risk capital investment opportunity for short term funding.
    • No flat fees or upfront charges on your proof of funds and LOI.
    • We understand the market as we have renewable power generation projects available in Italy, Greece, UK, Romania and Ukraine ranging from 5MW to 250MW. Here are a selection of our Built or Shovel Ready Renewable Energy Projects for Investment:
    • Greece – PV farm 40MW (composed of 4 units of 10MW all Shovel Ready)
      Italy – PV farm 16MW Shovel Ready – Wind farm 96MW Operational 16% IRR
      Romania – Wind and PV farms – 3MW, 3.5MW, 4MW, 8MW and 46MW Shovel Ready
      Thailand – Biomass 5MW & 10MW
      Turkey – Hydro
      UK – Offshore Wind farms – Biomass
      Ukraine – PV farms 2, 3 and 10MW available
    • Please click here to fill in your details to see more information and projects.
    • We ensure active participation through involvement with local expertise and resources to facilitate projects. We engage with all stakeholders creating sustainable finance and resources, thereby reducing carbon footprint and promote citizens participation through employment creation and renewable generation.
  • Investment in Renewable energy and cleantech is central to our business; responsible power production technology finance provides a growth economy with increased environmental benefits. If you are interested in our solar, wind or other renewable projects click here.

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