Solar power


Solar power energy is a type of energy resource that derives from the sun and every year the earth receives 300,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 KJ from the sun, making it the largest source of energy for us. It is the conversion of sunlight into electricity, either using photovoltaics (PV) or indirectly using concentrated solar power (CSP).

How solar power is collected

The way that solar energy is collected this type of energy solar energy is used to heat a fluid such as water in solar collector panels. The way that the technology worked is that the panels are used to absorb heat and subsequently painted black, so they absorb more meat. Within these panels there is water circulating and when the water is heated, the water is then pumped to a heat exchanger that extracts the heat to be used, in a building such as a house. The way that solar energy can be used to generate electricity is usually done in photovaltic cells (PV), and these are semiconductors, with one of the most common examples of these being found in calculators.

Benefits of using this renewable energy resource

As well as the environmentally friendly implications of using this type of technology to generate electricity, there are economic ones as well. One of these benefits of using solar power is that it is a renewable form of energy, non-polluting and relatively maintenance free. Another benefit that solar power brings is that recently the cost of producing electricity this has become significantly cheaper, adding further showing that there are further benefits to producing electricity this way. Furthermore, with this technology there is a high rate of waste silicone produced that can usually reach 70%. However, this can be seen as a positive to this technology because they can be recycled and used further as solar panels, so this will further help the long run production costs. It should also be mentioned that there are different levels of efficiency depending on how much the user is willing to spend on the technology, but it is normally around 15%, but can be higher.

The drawbacks of this renewable energy resource

However there are drawbacks to using this type of power is that it cannot be accessed in some places such as near the poles of Earth, cloud cover can reduce the efficiency of the power and the PV cells used to help generate the energy are still expensive. There is also the issue that the solar panels are becoming too hot, which will result in the panels not working as efficiently as they possibly could.

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