Financial consultancy

We provide professional help for clients to maintain the desired balance of investment income, capital gains and an acceptable level of risk by using proper asset relocation. This expertise from the City of London also doubles as a financial advisor and the main purpose of this role is to assist clients in the planning and arrangement of their financial affairs, such as savings, wills, and tax treatment. Understanding the clients aims in regard to both of their long term and short term aims and objectives. It is the duty of the financial consultant to assess the risk and aims of the client, and will subsequently provide a recommendation of appropriate investments.
When discussing the company’s objectives on a long term basis, the financial consultant can suggest and explain the different levels of risk per investment, providing low risk but can also offer a greater reward than a traditional savings account. The type of investments that would be made in this case would include direct investment in stocks or through collective investment schemes such as mutual funds. HGEN Capital invests in a secure portfolio which gives through a government backed scheme a high rate of return through its knowledge of renewable energy projects and technologies. On the other hand when looking at a company’s short term objectives the financial consultant would recommend a much shorter term investment that is more likely to get a return on the investment such as an early exit with 16% IRR. Although these types of investments are more likely to see a return since there is little risk and at least twice bank rates or government bonds, the reward is probably not as high as a VC or similar risk ratio investment.

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