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Scientific and Technical Advisor

He has performed Research & Development and Cleantech in the energy industry spanning Oil, Gas, Renewables, Power Generation, Efficient Low Emission Transport and Infrastructure for over thirty years.

Utilising various waste stocks in pyrolysis, gasification-plasma, incineration, reactor systems, anaerobic digestion for CNG vehicles, methanol production from syngas, and electrolysis for synthesis of products. He has managed several projects in the renewable energy industry including potable water production, algae control and fuel production in the Venetian Adriatic Riviera, ground thermal and airthermal system design, heat pumps and exchangers, thermal recovery and thermodynamics, endothermic and exothermic energy balances in reactors and fuel cells. His work in galvanic cells includes high temperature batteries and fuel cells, nano-processes in electrochemical reactions of both SOFC and MCFC in collaboration with British Gas, chlor-electrolysis with ICI, Micro reactors at Hull Industry.

Supported BP project funding carbon sequestration in Peterhead offshore oilfield and installation of Hydrogen gas turbine created by HGEN Ltd. Asset value £1.1 Billion.

Sourced funding for Royal Dutch sale of Stanlow Refinery. Sold to Essar for £1.3 billion. Was instrumental in Shell’s drive to concentrate their global manufacturing portfolio on larger assets which meant reduced global refining exposure through a combination of asset sales & closures.

Has worked on fuel cell and batteries. Built and tested multi-fuel Rolls Royce gas turbine based on hydrogen, natural gas and kerosene.

He sits on two UK parliamentary committees forming policy on Renewable transport fuels & Low carbon vehicles. A founder member of the Hydrogen and Fuel cell group in Brussels.

His educational and work qualifications range from an aeronautical engineer in the Royal Air Force promoting free flying non-polluting vehicles, safely using hydrogen as a lift gas. Utilisation of hydrogen in the oil and gas industries for cleaner chemical engineering processes and protonation abatement techniques. He has degrees in Computing, Electrical Engineering with Control, Combustion Engineering and experienced in Electrochemical Engineering.

Environmental and Social Impact Assessment of renewable energy projects. We support the project portfolio of leading companies in the sector.

Dr Phyllis SantaMaria, Marketing Director

Founder Director of Learning Without Borders, responsible for developing, delivering and marketing leadership and management programs internationally for alternative finance sector (China, UK, India, East Africa), with over 10 years’ experience in the design and implementation and marketing of award-winning interactive multimedia programs, including National Coordinator of BBC TV’s Domesday Project and EU Lingua project for engineers. International development projects in microfinance and enterprise development in Central America, Africa and Asia.  Recent appointment as Education Lead for Mayor of London’s Internet of Things project. Has a BA History (Wellesley College, MA, USA); MA Linguistics, PhD Education (University of Exeter, UK).

Alvariza helps partners and customers to accommodate the best way into natural and/or sensitive areas, giving best endeavors to succeed with a particular solution.
We work closely from the level of stakeholders, speaking the same language. A proper and honest communication is provided at the beginning of the process to reach Natural and Social ethical licenses, which turn mere authorizations into actual engagements.

Elisha Chikosi, Investment Consultant

Researching various types of financial investments for the right projects with the right values.
Executive Consultant (Banking) from 2008 – 2013 with Bfc Consultancy.
This is a company based in Zimbabwe that provides management, marketing, financial and other professional advice, guidance and recommendations to bank and non-bank institutions.
Elisha was constantly focusing on obtaining desirable outcomes for clients, with their main focus being Return on Investment (ROI). In addition assisting banks with Basel II compliance.

Alicia Torra, Digital Manager

Developing Digital Media Marketing Strategy. Working on websites, social media, Linkedin, Facebook and making videos for HGEN Capital.

Digital Producer (Crit Audiovisual, Barcelona) from 2007 to 2013. Developed audiovisual projects managing the entire production process, coordinating the team and dealing with clients and suppliers. Involved in different kind of projects filming, editing and publishing videos for cultural, medical, political and publishing industries. Worked for a Digital Marketing Agency managing websites content and clients networking as well as designing engagement strategies of marketing.

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