Angel investor

The difference between an Angel Investor and other kinds of investor is seen by their current situation i.e. having earned their wealth through company liquidity or other types of investments or they may come from the backgrounds of being an Entrepreneur or highly skilled manager who has been able to create returns whilst specialising in the industry. This type of investor therefore is familiar with the types of opportunities which arise within their sphere of experience and would make a suitable mentor and board member helping to bring extra skills to the non-executive and executive teams to enable the company to benefit and prosper.

Angel Investors do tend to require a larger proportion of the company shares for the reasons aforesaid and require an exit from the investment usually within three years as there interest is more in the investment risk and return rather than just the company success.

The major advantage of using this source of funding is the Angel will be active in the everyday business to ensure their investment and your company. We ensure that you receive the right investor for your business with our approval rating.

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