Cleantech Technology

The art of science is encapsulated in the philosophy of Cleantech investment by HGEN Capital. The trend of miniaturisation of power and energy sources which results in a smaller environmental footprint and eradicates pollution as energy sources increasingly from renewable generation will continue to nano and picotechnology in this century.

Physics and Chemistry are integrating faster than University departments will acknowledge. To make green buildings, infrastructure, power generation, transport both more energy efficient and environmentally sustainable, the patents evolved in the last 150 years can be revisited for their ideas. Many good ideas were dropped or ignored to maintain the perceived wisdom of the time along with the hundreds of technological dead ends which populate the British Library archives.

This opportunity to overcome limits was a feature of science fiction which when written well often became fact with dynamic integration of art and science. Disruptive technologies are more often accepted because they are facilitating the current.

Please feedback your comments and suggestions and we seek volunteers to make Art-Science a reality. As the investments move from high cost CAPEX such as Nuclear to low cost CAPEX through concentrated PV and other technologies the generation profile of most continents will be focussed on its predominant weather system, resources including geography, geology, topography and other energy such as biomethane which can be utilised efficiently with CCS to reduce its environmental impact.

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