Water desalination

Reverse Osmosis in the H2Deep System® takes seawater separating the salts and minerals and using the filtered water for hydro power generation and fresh water recovery. The separated salt from the seawater followed by electrolysis produced by the head of water provides the resulting hydrogen and oxygen to power the engines and fuel cells. As large scale plants are created stored gases in natural caves and abandoned mines and underground wells will again come into use for Hydrogen Storage.

Water desalination is based upon plentiful supply of water in seas and oceans. Gravity can be uses successfully to separate the water from the salt to produce using membranes a drinkable potable supply of fresh water containing many of the requires minerals necessary for the human digestive system. Gravitational methods include depth of water, running water as in tidal wave and current. All of these forces combined or separately would provide the energy required to produce fresh drinking water and a suitable wave collecting the other components found in sea water. These include sodium chloride sea salt, magnesium, fosfore even small amounts of gold and silver.

The organic life contained in water in the form of microscopic teeming plankton to harvestable masses of sea weed which can be a good substitute for soy and similar carbon hydrates. Thus by creating a stream of fresh drinkable water using natural resources which can include through sunlight, evaporation techniques, fresnel lenses and magnifying optics to enable potable water production adding back the necessary minerals suitable for humans. Large scale production of sea salt is where the water is filtered and the salt is extracted leaving a supply of drinking water before the tide returns.

Many of these techniques have been around for hundreds of years and using modern technology and techniques can be used environmentally to produce a revenue without effecting the local habitation.

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