Any Coal Bed Methane project requires the extraction of coal bed methane from the coal seam, the separation of the gas from the water, the treatment and disposal of the water, the processing, cleaning and compression of the gas at the well head, the route to market and the sale to the end-users.

The UK coal field is a middle-rank sub-bituminous coal field that has been mined for around 200 years and there are good mining records lodged with the Coal Authority. In addition the area has been subject to some exploration in the past and there are borehole records that provide good supportive. This information supported by above-ground surveys in the past can be assessed by expert analysts.

Within the area there are local industries that are potential end-users that have experience of using CBM for their business; existing unused reed filter beds which were used to process the water from the old mines; the route to market through an existing although obsolete pipeline is possible.

The fallback and arbitrage position is the potential to clean the CBM and inject it directly into the public National Gas Grid.


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