Vertical axis turbines


Vertical axis turbines map

Wind turbines defined as harnessing the wind to drive a machine first appearing in 200BC with Hero of Alexandria to drive the air through his musical organ have three basic shapes.

It is useful to compare the two basic types VAWT and HAWT. Darrieus and Savonius are Vertical Axis though Horizontal types constitute the majority of installations due to their scalability and perceived efficiency. Vertical axis have become competitive and are promoted in local installations for their quiet operation and ability to be installed at a cheaper cost. Although power generation by horizontal types is acknowledged to be higher giving a faster returns on investment, this also has to be calculated within the current energy supply matrix and depends on kWh’s required and available tariffs.

Vertical axis turbines are used where the swept area is a consideration and the location provides a better installation and generation possibility and avoids more strict planning considerations.

Modern VAWT’s can be placed closer together than the HAWT’s thus the energy generated can be more for a particular location though the tail of this type is usually 20 times the length of the turbine blades. In understanding which is the best for the location HGEN Capital can provide a robust study to ensure that the investment calculation is accurate and the turbine installation is independent of any bias where considerations are in line with the requirements of the customer.
As the designs of VAWT improve their angle of attack into the wind the efficiency will increase their income generation.

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